The Field Trip: 4th Day

On our fourth day we asked the owner of our hostel about some insider tips concerning graffiti in Kiev. He reckoned that besides the Hall of Fame along the Dnieper River, we would find also graffiti alongside the rail tracks between the rail station and sputnik park. He said that there must have been an incredible amount of graffiti and street art, which was created during and because of the UEFA Euro 2012. After a quick breakfast we headed directly towards the Central Station “Vokzalna”, since we lived not too far from it.


Dnieper River

From the Central Station, we strolled along the tracks towards Spuntik Park (which is located about a 30 minutes walk north-west the Central Station). After a short time we noticed that we were searching in vain for street art and graffiti. In contrast, there were numerous disused factories and stadiums, military and government buildings as well as numerous housing blocks and schools. Nevertheless, the station area was very nice, and of course it was advantageous that the weather was so good. As we finally arrived at Sputnik Park, we realized that here we also wouldn’t find anything of interest. So we decided to head towards the next main road to take the bus towards the city-centre. After a brief stopover on the Maidan, we went directly to the subway station Dnipro.


Graffiti along the Dnieper River

Along the Dnieper River there was a mile-long promenade with concrete walls on the side that were consistently painted with graffiti. In graffiti jargon those were called Hall-of-Fame. These are (mostly) legal, so there has been no shortage of graffiti along the Dnieper River. Nevertheless, we were surprised of the high number and the great quality of graffiti and street art we found there. Of course, Kiev’s art street art pioneers “Interezni Kazki” couldn’t be missing. We found a descent amount of political street art and graffiti, but we would have desired even a bit more. However, residents assured us that many works of art have been painted over or removed by the government or parties. Just before we were about to leave this magical place, we took a closer look to the part that was lying immediately under the Dnipro subway station. There we found the showpiece of our trip: Putin – pictured as Hitler – playing with Ukrainian and Russian DNA.


Putin – Playing with Ukrainian and Russian DNA


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