12th of July – “Street Art as form of civil disobedience” vernissage

Finally, we are happy to announce, that our project entered its last stage. In only few days we will present it to the public during a vernissage!!!!

The exhibition will take place on the 12 th of July at 7pm and will be hosted at Sprachenatelier Berlin. The event will include presentation of pictures we took during our field trip, short summary of our project and a talk about street art by Prof. Dr. Gerald Geilert. All that will be accompanied by some music and snack.

Also, if our project sounds like something you would like to support, you could do it in two ways: bring your friends along  and support us on “betterplace.org“.

We are hoping to see you there!



The Long Night of Science at Freie University Berlin

Each year universities in Berlin and Potsdam organize an open house event, a platform to present the newest projects and researches carried out by various departments and institutes of universities. The Long Night of Science incorporates vivid lectures, guided tours, interactive experiments, readings, panel discussions, workshops, and other activities, which enable the visitors to gain an insight into new researches from various branches of science and interdisciplinary collaborations. Furthermore, the researchers from all the departments and institutes of Freie University make themselves available to answer questions and shed some light on their projects.


The Center for Global Politics and its program director Klaus Segbers invited us to present our project during last Long Night of the Science, which took place on the 10th of May 2014. Despite limited space to show all of pictures and data collected during our field trip to Kiev, the evening turned out to be success.First of all, the visitors were very interested in our project and gave us a great feedback. This motivated us to work even harder and confirmed the relevance of our research. Our photos do not only show the creative side of the protest movement of Euromaidan, but also its political and civic importance. Through focusing on Street Art we aim to present a different perspective on the revolution in Ukraine.


Second of all, the event enabled us to meet a group of PhD-students from the Berlin Forum on Global Politics . They liked our research so much, that they suggested collaboration in form of another project. Together we want to analyze a connection between art and revolutionary movements in other parts of the world. It is a very exciting opportunity for us and we are looking forward to start yet another ambitious and interesting project.

Christian, Ana, Magda ...

Christian, Ana, Magda …

… and Marina rocking the Long Night of Science