The three “W” questions


What to expect?

Every year students of Eastern-European Studies at Freie University of Berlin conduct various projects, which fall into specific area of research. This academic year they have to investigate the problem of “Civil disobedience. Society and state in Eastern Europe” (in German: “Ziviler Ungehorsam? Gesellschaft und Staat in Osteuropa“).  This blog is a tool of one of the groups to present the phenomenon of Street Art in Ukraine as a form of protest and civil disobedience. There a few things you can find here. First and foremost, you can expect various examples of pieces of street art, which could be found in Ukraine. Secondly, in this blog we will try to shed some light on street art as a form of protest, and finally, this blog will be used as a platform to present our findings, information about the stages of the project and few other things related to this topic.

Who is to blame?

We are a group of five students, who share the interest in Eastern Europe and wanted to investigate visual and more unconventional form of civil disobedience. The people behind it are:



Why Street Art and why Ukraine?

Since we all have a slightly different areas of study (Alina&Anna -> culture, Madalena& Marina-> politics, Christian -> economy), we decided to focus on something that we all find interesting and inspiring.  Street art seemed the right choice for all of us, since it is one of the most direct and visible form of communication in the urban space and its rebellious nature. The choice of the country was not as easy as a scope of our investigation. After many discussions and considerations we decided to focus on the street art scene in Ukraine.

This decision was based on few very important aspects of managing such project. First, we all could enter Ukraine without worrying about filing in piles of documents to be able to enter the country. Secondly and more importantly, since the Orange Revolution (in Ukrainian: Помаранчева революція) Ukraine became a brewing and vibrant place of variant forms of social disobedience. Thus, choosing Ukraine offered very promising results for our project.  Initial research promised an interesting an challenging project. However, what has been happening in Ukraine on one hand enriched our project and at the other hand it caused a slight change of our initial plans. Nevertheless, the current events offered very unique and fresh look at street art in Ukraine as a form of protest.


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